First brick in the pepe buy wall has been laid.

Block 487,380 marks an important milestone in the maturation of the Bitcoin Blockchain (the only real blockchain in our opinion).  

What happened at block 487,380?

The RareAF Buyers' Club doubled it's membership. The first brick in the pepe buy wall has been laid. Transaction hash 27c4abeb38c83182bb1304998d785a1310e13e6fd6c7298862631916b78ae726 for posterity. 

Now this new club member can rest his (or her . . but probably his) head at night knowing that we are working hard to gather rarepepes at rare prices and all the while he can enjoy the collections at 18wUphncN6mEwxYkQQsv37xXT1TsSANZhB and 184gKLQTtQU29LXbxbYJkUV4if9SmW6v2d knowing he has some equity in cards like PUTINPEPE, TRUMPRARE, HAIRPEPE, too many to list.

Welcome to the club! Enjoy your exposure to the meme economy and stay rare!